Commercial Roofing

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We Are Professional Commercial Roofers. Get The Commercial Roof You Desire.

If you are looking for commercial roofers in Orlando, then look no further than Hasting Roofing! With more than 6 years of experience, we have everything you need from a commercial roofer. Many other companies do not offer the same professionalism and expertise that we do. We also back all of our work with warranties that will surpass your expectations.

There are three basic types of roofs that you will come across in your commercial property needs. The first type is the flat roof or low pitch (0-3 degrees) roof. The second type is the low slope (4-12 degrees) roof which then leads into the medium slope roofing at 13-24 degrees.

The flat or low slope roof is a very simple installation process and can be carried out by the majority of commercial roofers in Orlando. This type of roof consists of a tar and gravel layer, which is sealed with bitumen membranes. The membrane is covered with a layer of gravel on top. If your commercial property requires a flat or low slope roof, the expected life is roughly 15-25 years.

The next type of roofing system is medium slope roofs. These types of roofs consist of a tar and gravel layer which is sealed with bitumen membrane as well. However, unlike the flat roof there are additional plywood or fiberglass battens added to the roof, which give it a sturdier construction. The life expectancy on medium slope roofs is between 20 and 30 years depending on environmental factors, such as weathering or water run-off.

The highest type of commercial roofing system is the steep incline/high slope roof at 25 degrees or more. This type of roof is more expensive and requires a greater degree of expertise. It also has the shortest life span at 10 to 15 years. The steep incline/high slope roof offers you the most protection from water run-off and weathering, 

These types of commercial roofs are the most common types you will come across, but if your property requires a different type of roofing system not mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us at Hastings Roofing Service.


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