Can You Put A Metal Roof Over Shingles?

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Yes, it is possible to put a metal roof over shingles. However, there are some factors you should consider before doing so. The most important factor is the condition of your current roof – if it is in poor shape, a metal roof may not be able to provide the necessary protection against water and elements. Additionally, if your roof has multiple layers of shingles, it may be too heavy for a metal roof to support safely – in such cases, you would need to remove all existing layers or have extra structural support installed before putting on the new roof.

Another thing to keep in mind when installing a metal roof over shingles is ventilation. Metal roofs tend to trap heat more than other materials do, so it is important to have proper ventilation and insulation in place to keep your attic space cooler. Additionally, there may be local building codes that regulate the installation of metal roofs over shingles – make sure you check before starting any project.

Overall, it is possible to put a metal roof over existing shingles, but it is important to consider the condition of your current roof and the additional requirements for installing one safely. Make sure you consult with an experienced contractor or professional if you plan on doing so. With proper preparation and planning, you can enjoy all the benefits of a reliable and durable metal roof for years to come.