How to Calculate Your Roof Square Footage

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One of the most popular topics is roof square footage, which determines not only the price but also the expected lifespan for a particular type of roofing material.

In this article, we will explain how to calculate the square footage of a roof.

When you need to calculate the square footage of a roof, it is best to begin with its area. Areas come in many shapes and sizes as roofs are not usually simple geometric figures as most people think they are. Calculating roof surface can easily be done using a few formulas.

Here are the basic types of roofs you are likely to encounter when it comes to square footage calculations.

• Hip Roofs – You will need to multiply its width by its pitch in order to calculate the area. The pitch is simply how many inches there are in 12 linear feet. For

• Gable Roofs – Their area is calculated based on the length of the roof at its ridge and multiplying it by its width.

• Shed Roofs – This type of roof has a single slope, so you need to multiply its length by its height in feet.


There are additional formulas for more specific types of roofs and we recommend consulting a professional.

Once you calculate the area of your roof, it needs to be converted into square feet. There are 1,296 sq ft in an area 1 ft x 1 ft so once your calculation is done, divide it by this number until you have the desired result.