Mold Roof Damage

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Water stain on the ceiling

Quickest Response in Town For Your mold roof damage

Have you seen your once beautiful, cozy home fall victim to black mold? Are all of your windows fogged up now? Has the smell become intolerable or are guests refusing to show up at all now that they know what’s going on right below the roof where it is warm and humid? Hastings Roofing Service can help!

Wondering If You have mold roof damage? get a free inspection

Have you seen the tell-tale signs of mold on your roof? If so, this might be the consequence. Mold thrives in excess moisture and when it comes to water damages like leaks or storms there is nothing more damaging than an unattended leak that goes unchecked for too long. When these occur they allow fungi spores into all areas inside where they can grow quickly. Great roofs don’t have to leak. Make sure yours is in top shape.

We have the most extensive mold related roof damage repair service in the area.

We do all the dirty work for you so that your roof remains safe and sound. We take care of everything from mold to assessing damage, replacing shingles or siding, caulking and sealing any leaks in the chimney, and more.

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